Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Power of Dream

Have you ever got what you ever dream? I myself have proved that sometimes what we dream can be real. One of them is working in Borneo, Indonesia. It has been a long time I want to go and work there. And now, I got it. I am in Sangatta, East Kutai, East Borneo, Indonesia.

This fact make me believe that everybody can get what he dream. Dont afraid to dream. I have ever read a proverb from the west. "Be careful with your dream, because it can happen."

Now I believe that proverb. But I think we should write what we want. I did it. I dreamt to have notebook, communicator, etc. There is a list full with my dreams I have written. One by one my dream come true. I have a dream to live and work in Europe. I am not patient to get it!

Amrizal, Sangatta, 24 Januari 2008

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sarie said...

i hope your dream can true..

keep smiley..^_^

Dewi said...

Hi...randomly found your site...nice to hv here.
I have a for Bornean community, as my dad always told me that i'm deeply part of them, though hardly sense them from here ;) more...i have a dream...hold Pongo Pygmaeus in my arms
warm regards across the sea