Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Doc, My Thumb is painfull

Patient's characteristic are different. There are talkative patients. There are silent ones. Sometimes the talktative ones made me peevish. Like my 40 years old man patient. As a normal human I dont like his attitude. He always talk with hard voice. And he always doesnt believe what doctor said.

Just call him Zopi. He came again about 2 weeks ago with symptom pain in his right thumb nail. I saw his nail was almost detached from the place. I told him that it had to be released. He didnt reject. But he didnt accept it too.

It's what I regret. I didnt ask his agreement to take the nail. I admitted I forgot. Then he came again 3 days ago for other symptoms that were cough. Actually I asked him to control. He didnt do that. I saw the thumb had been recovered. The nail had regrew again. But it stil havent covered all part of the nail place.

Dr Amrizal
Sangatta, july 15, 2008

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Dewi said...'ll see the color of life through these people Rali and of course you'll learn from him how to treat elderly. Nice posting ;)