Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Not sleep for patient

I got a critical patient two night ago. He got a traffic accident just before my clinic at midnight. So many people from around the clinic came in a group enter the clinic just to watch the victim. I always feel angry if it happened. It’s not a movie! It was a bad thing to watch. But that was it that always happened in most hospital in Indonesia. The people always have a big curiosity to know so sometimes nobody can prevent them to find out.

Back to the victim. He was not conscious. There was torn wound at his lip and his right chin. I checked his breath and his pulse. It was fine. Directly I set a neck collar to prevent his neck move. I was afraid there was fracture at his neck.

I had been trying to make hime aware by calling him, by giving a pinch. He kept silent. I tried to find his identity card. Oh, god! No wallet. No card! How to contact his family! He needed his family to help him and to help me as a helper.

An old man who also took a look at this patient said “I know this man!” Then He got out. A few minutes latter, a group of women came in hurry to look at the patient. And then they are crying! Thanks god! The family had come.

I knew his name from his family. Just call him Mus. Mus was still unconsciuos.From the smell, I was so sure he had been drinking alcohol and then drove a motorcycle. Wherever in the world, driving on drunk was forbidden. But it had been happened. The law would affect him after he got well. Now, I would be the one who affected his life or his death!

I kept trying to wake him up. Still no change. The blood tension had decreased to 80 mmHg. I instructed my nurse to set an infusion. The family was crying to see the man. I tried to shut them up. I told them to be patient and pray.

“He has a problem with his wife, doctor. It has been 3 days he doesn’t get home.” Said his sister.

I turned to fix all the thing I could do. I sewed the lip. One little part of the lip almost separated from the center one. It was quite difficult to sew. After that, I moved to the chin wound. It’s torn to, about 5 centimetres. While I sewed, the nurse measured his blood tension again. I had been raising up to 130/80 mmHg.

His sister tried to make him talk. She did it! The man could answer her talk. It’s a good sign. Thanks god!

Ok, The man had been stable. He needed a longer observation. My place wasn’t the right place for him again because it was not a hospital. I sent him to the public hopsital in my city that night.

Oh, man. I realized it had been 4.30 a.m. No sleep this night. And I still had to take an assignment to receive patients this morning until 2.00 p.m. It’s good!

dr. Amrizal Muchtar
Sangatta, July 15, 2008

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henny said...

salam kenal, sy jg seorang dr. umum 2 thn ini. pengalaman spt itu jg sering sy alami, btw anda lg ptt?

rizal said...

saya ptt di sangatta... Dulu maunya ptt depkes sih.. tapi gak keterima2. Ya, udah, ptt di kota aja. Lagian gajinya nggak kalah dari ptt depkes. Gak ada istilah terpencil

robertus arian said...

menurut pengalaman, bagaimana seharusnya menilai kesadaran pada pasien yang habis minum alkohol ini? GCS doesnt apply, does it?

rizal said...

@ robertus arian:
saya belum pernah baca kalau GCS korban minum alkohol dan tidak itu beda... mungkin nanti saya akan cari tahu lagi. Thanks

Dewi said...

kalo baca respons pasien, berarti mo under influence ato nggak tetep bisa dibaca pake skoring GCS ya dok? :P (ngomong apa sih aku...)