Sunday, July 13, 2008

Treat burned wound

My patient with a burned wound, just call him Budi, came again this morning. Budi was a man about 40 years old. He came to control his wound. More than one and a half weeks ago he got an explosive stove in his food stall. His both lower arm and his face got burnt but just at the outer layer. I remember he screamed when he came first time because of the pain. I could imagine how painful it is!

First time, I used Burnazin® zalf, zalf with silver sulfadiazin. I was quite sure that it’s the best local medicine for the burned wound. I gave him anti inflammation and antibiotics too. A few days later, he came again to control. I saw, the wound didn’t get better. It was covered with dry zalf and suppuration under it.

I changed my mind. Obviously Burnazin wasn’t the best medicine for this wound. It was sticky to the wound and made painful to withdraw it.Then I moved to another antibiotic zalf. It was called Bioplacenton®, contained neomycin and bioplasenton. After it was cleaned and lubricated by the zalf, I wrapped it with bandage.

Then he came again this morning. It was better. Bioplacenton didn’t stick to the wound and it made easy to withdraw the bandage then with Burnazin. I thought it was a good experience for me. Being a doctor was sometimes related with experiences, not just from learning from the book.

This morning, I saw the wound. It was better. The wound slowly covered with the normal layer from the wound side. I was sure it would need just a few days again to recover. I really hoped it would be fast. Because I felt pity to see him come and come again to control.

Health is so expensive. Isn’t it?

Dr Amrizal
Sangatta, July 13, 2008

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robertus arian said...

Mas, pengalaman yang menarik. sudah pernah mencoba merawat luka bakar grade II di bangsal perawatan dengan kompres NaCl pada kassa lembab? Tentang Burnazin, bukannya seharusnya kita menggantinya dua kali sehari, ya, salah satunya supaya tidak mengeras. Salam dari Sumsel! (Oya, kadang pasien menolak diresepi bioplasenton karena mereka sudah mengenalnya di pasaran dan mereka menghendaki obat yang lebih "asing", supaya merasa sudah ke dokter...)

rizal said...

@robertus arian:
thanks atas komentarnya dok. Salam kenal juga. Maunya sih dua kali dok, tapi kasihan pasiennya harus datang kontrol. Biayanya mahal di sini!

Erik Tapan said...

TS dr Rizal,
Terima kasih sudah memberi komentar di blog saya.
Tulisan-tulisan TS di blog ini sangat inspiratif.
Terus berkarya.