Thursday, August 14, 2008

Applicate the new way to learn english

I have learned english for 15 years since junior high school. I remember my first grammar is about “it”. “that”, and “this”. I am grateful because my english is not bad. Well, although I can’t say it as remarkable.

I started my english learning with reading, then I tried to speak with it. I was quite shy at first. But now I become more confident to use it. Presumably, language is just about the habit. If we make it as a habit, we will have this skill.

Just recently, I forced myself to write english article. I thought it is very important to have this writing ability. I know there are still many mistakes in my grammar. But I don’t really care about that because it is just a learning process. Someday, if I need the perfect english writing, I hope I will be capable to make it.

Since 2 month ago I started my english writing learning. I made the method by myself. It was somewhat tired. First I seek an interested article to imitate. Then I translated it to Indonesian language. After that, I translated it back again to english. I tried to make it same with the original article. I thought it was sufficient to help me with this. I did it in about 6 articles. Then I tried to write my own english article directly.

Thanks god, there is a blog where I can publish my english article to other people without being deterred by anything. It’s very usefull to practice your english through this medium.
Actually, at the first time I was sick with my way in writing english. As I said, there were so many mistakes in grammar. And I just can use common words. My words were just the simple ones. Although it might be easy to be understood but I was not satisfy with that. I decided to take a new method.

You see the bold word above. Don’t you? It is my new method. I tried to applicate some new english words everytime I made an article. I collected the new words from the english article I read before. When I found an important word, I noted it then I tried to use it in my new posting. Practically speaking, It is very nice. So, if you want to be better in english, it is mandatory for you to applicate it in your daily life, whether in conversation or in writing.

Sangatta, 14 Agustus 2008
dr. Amrizal Muchtar

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