Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Doctor can also get sick

It has been 4 days I got cold. It is very unpleasant. I often cough and sneeze. There is phlegm in my throat that hard to be oozed. There is pain in my throat everytime I cough. The phlegm doesn’t wanes but it tends to waxe. Thanks god, there is no fever that always come concomitantly with all this symptoms.

I am a doctor. Why I can get this disease. It’s what people always say about a sick doctor. Doctor’s job is making people health. They shoudnt get sick. I just can grumble in my heart to hear this. Nobody’s perfect. I am just a common human. I can’t do a very perfect action to avoid getting disease. There are so many disease around us. Especially if you are a doctor. All the sick people come to you to get the health back. In that condition, sometimes, a doctor as common person makes a fault by not doing a good protection from the patient. And then, no matter how well you make a protection, you are still possible to make a mistake. It’s what people don’t understand.

Frankly speaking, I am so disturbed with this disease. My cough always come abruptly when I talk with my patient. Even though I fight to endure it, It still continues. I am quite shy to my patient especially if I treat a cough patient too. Will they think like this? How come we consult to a sick person? He cant even cures himself, how about us? Oh, god. I hope they don’t think like that.

There is a relief to a sick doctor especially if he works in health centre. You can guess it. Yeagh, you are right. The cost is free. I don’t need to pay for the medication and laboratory if I need it. For other people it can reach until IDR 300.00. But for us. It is just free. But it wont be a reason for me to like to get sick. J

Actually, I should take a rest for a few days until I recover. But the situation here in my clinic won’t let me do that. There is a lack of doctor here. So if I take a rest there will be a shake in this clinic. Perhaps if my disease is getting worse and make me incapable to wake up, I will be permissible to get rest. It’s just a common cold. If I insist to ask for a rest, the management and the other doctor here will coalesce to dispute me!

Btw, sometimes I was grateful to have a disease. Why? I can really feel what my patient feel about the disease. Yeah, It can occur my symphaty to the patient. And then I can prove and fix my medication method to the patient to myself. When I got varicella a few month ago, I took a remedy as I always gave to my patients. It really works. My varicella get better. But I become know that taking varicella medication is very unpleasant. Varicella medication has to be taken 5 times a day for 7 days. You know, it is very uncomfortable to eat drug until five times. I always fail to take discipline to eat the drug until five times because of forgetfulness.

When I got fever last year, I drink what I always gave to my patients too. I become know how unpleasant the fever was. We feel pain in all our muscle. The tongue felt bitter. We lost our appetite. It is very uncomfortable. After I drink the medicine, I prove that my medication is right. So it make me more confidence with my treatment.

Back to my cold now, It’s getting better after I take medicine more discipline. Yeah, I don’t want to be mad to my patients anymore because their undiscipline in taking their medicine that make them not recover. I have felt what the reason make them so. J

The condition here in the clinic where I live doest give me a support to recover soon. I cant bathe with lukeworm water like it should be. The tap water is quite dirty. But there is no other choice to take. I hope I can recover immediately.


12 August 2008

Amrizal Muchtar, M.D.


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Dewi said...

Hehehe....Docs also human :D
tell your patients
"God heals, and the doctor takes the fee.."--Benjamin Franklin ;) hehehe

cipu said...

Wish you get better soon

Anonymous said...

Vakasin flu dong... biar masih mungkin ketularan, tapi kalo kena gak separah yang vaksin

Anonymous said...

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