Saturday, August 2, 2008

Medical Alert

Health is the most expensive gift from God which people always forget. We just sometimes think about it when we get sick. Whatever we have, we will never enjoy it without health. That’s why most people will do anything to get the health back. But the more important thing actually is prevention from the illness. But, no matter how well people keep their health, they are still possible to get a disease. It is called an accident.

Accident may strike all people at the uncertain time and uncertain place especially to the careless ones. For example, you can slip in the bathroom, you can fall from the stairs or you can get a sudden heart attack . When it happens, It’s not sure that there are always people near you and can give you a first aid. That’s why you need a medical alert System that will always be ready for you whenever you need it.

Direct Alert is the answer. Direct Alert can always be your friend which will help you if you get an accident case in and around your house. Direct Alert is a wireless two way home emergency response system that you can trust everytime you need an emergency helps. The Direct Alert system provide quality, reliability and an immediate response when every second counts.

The system is very simple and very easy to use. It just contains 2 parts. One part is a control panel that connects to your phone. The other is a personal button that you can bring anywhere in a range of the unit. It is water resistent up to 3 feet and has a range of up to 150 feet from the control panel. You can choose the button model whether you want to use medical alert bracelets , necklace or a pin. You can also use it to answer the phone.

We never want to get an accident or suddent disease, right? But let’s say it happens and nobody around you. If you have the system you just need to press the button and it will send a signal to Direct Alert Center that will contact you immediately. You can communicate with the Caregiver canada from Direct Alert through the button. They will give you an advice what you should do. They will stay on the line with you until the Caregiver canada arrives to your place. It will just take very short time for the helper to come.

Perhaps you will think that you are not the person who will get disaster like that. Who knows? Accident can happen anywhere and anytime that we never know. Or maybe you have parents or other family member you love so much that always be alone and have a high risk to get an accident. You can give them this product as a prize.

The other benefit of Direct Alert system is as a medication reminder. You know, there are some disease that need medication routinely, for example people with diabetes, hypertension and oral contraceptives. The negligence of this medication can worsen the disease. The negligence of taking oral contraceptive can mess up the family planning.

To use it as a reminder you just need to set it according your medication schedule. The Direct Alert system allows up to 8 programmable daily medication reminders to ensure that you take your medication on time. Direct Alert also offers a monitored medication reminder service whereby if you do not answer your medication reminder you will be contacted by Direct Alert’s Emergency Response team. What a nice system! Isn’t it? You will get a high benefit with only a low cost.

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