Friday, November 14, 2008

27th birthday in Sangatta

It’s 22.00 o’clock now. The day is almost done. I don’t want to pass it without saying my impression. It’s my birthday now. Hmmm. I am 27 years old now. Oh god. Time is running and running. So fast. Make me surprise. I am getting older.. near to 30 years old. My rest life is getting little. I believe that human has his exact time to leave the world. I am getting near to the limit.

But I can’t do anything to control it because it’s outside my influence. Okay, I just can control my activity to fulfill my rest of life. Yeah. There is an unsatisfied about my life. But I am sure everybody is too.

Okay. I am trying to get better in all of my life. But.. It’s not easy.

It’s my first time for me to make an event for my own birthday. In my family, mother and father never celebrated their son’s birthday. Yeah. I think it’s because our past economic condition make us don’t care about event like that. I can accept it.

But now. It’s my first year to get a good job. I am a doctor in Sangatta, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia. It has a good salary. It can afford me to make something special although it just treated my partners in my office. I bought 35 packets of breakfast to my partners from cleaning services to nurses and manager.

Alhamdulillah. No problem occurred. I realize that I have been adult now. It’s time to get married, to have son or daughter. I hope it will happen before my next birthday. Amiin.

Amrizal Muchtar

14 November 2008

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Andri said...

Met ultah..Semoga tambah lancar rejekinya.. :) Eits,dah ada rencana buat nikah ya?Moga2 nemuin yg 'pas' deh..hehe.

Ditunggu traktirannya yaa.. :)

dea said...

Met ULTAH ya mas...moga2 panjang umur n wish U all the best...

main2lah ke jogja..nanti tak traktir gudeg...hehehehe..:D

Semangat ya kerjanya..SUKSES..!!:)

Blue_dolphiniela said...

sgt'na dmana dok? betah ga? hehe
papah sy pe skrg tugas dsana.. dulu sy juga SMU'na dsana..

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