Saturday, November 13, 2010

Opera mini Blackberry

Opera mini Blackberry -- Not all BlackBerry users browsing activity with the browserprovided by Research In Motion (RIM). Not a few who prefer to use an alternative browser like Opera Mini.
Select-select browser does depend on each user's tastes.However, Opera Mini has its own advantages, especially in terms of speed.
The reason, Opera mini blackberry can save web pages that are consideredimportant or interesting by its users (like cookies). This page is stored in a folder that has been selected by the user on the phone memory or memory card.
You choose to use Opera Mini can optimize their use. For example, by utilizing short-cut or shortcuts in the browser which can be useful if at any time you are in a hurry.
Here are some basic shortcuts provided by Opera Mini. These shortcuts are enough to help users who are surfing on the BlackBerry:
- 2 = Page Up
- 8 = Page Down
- 4 = Page Left
- 6 = Page Right
- 5 = Zoom In / Out web page
In addition, there are also shortcuts that are not less important.For example for the function of the forward page, reload thepage, return to the homepage, featuring bookmarks, and so on.Here it is:
- # 1 = Displays the Web address field
- # 2 = displays bookmarks
- # 3 = Jump to the beginning or end of the page
- # 4 = Back to homepage
- # 5 = View history
- # 6 = Display information page
- # 7 = Save the page as a bookmark
- # 8 = Opens the settings screen
- # 0 = Reload a web page
- # # = Forward the web page
- * * = Enable / disable the toolbar
Shortcuts (shortcut) is expected to help new users and old usersof Opera Mini to be more optimal day-to-day.

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